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HMI Development

We provide specialists with several years of experience in different flavors of latest Automotive HMI tools Support for all latest Hardware & Software Platforms HMI workflow Automation - Auto PSD/PNG File import Reusable widget creation

HMI Consultation

Consultation on HMI tool selection for a specific hardware platform HMI Framework and Design HMI Development and Test Automation RAM/ ROM Estimation and Effort Estimation

Proof Of Concepts

Detailed Performance Measurements and Improvements Tool Chain evaluation and selection for a specific hardware platform Concept to Story board to HMI realization Quick turn around HMI creation for prototype Resource Estimation

AI Solutions

Our tailored AI solutions empower businesses to streamline operations and unlock unprecedented growth potential. Let's transform your business landscape together.

Software Integration

Display driver developments Android auto integration Mirror link Miracast application integration Bluetooth stack integration and testing Open source Software stacks evaluation and integration

HMI Test Automation

Fully automated solutions using Frame grabber Multi-lingual testing using OCR Graphics Image Verification and colour detection Reference Image creation

CANOE RBS Creation

CANOE Panel creation Complex CAPL Scripting Rest bus Simulation Maintenance CAN Message automation using Vector AP